From deciding which finish is best for your pool to maintaining your finish after installation, Pebble Technology International is with you the whole way. Our customer support solutions are designed to provide the answers to your questions, whether you’re looking for pool care tips, warranty information, or anything in between.



Our Frequently Asked Questions page is neatly organized into five different topics for your convenience. From learning more about Pebble Technology products, to the buying process, to maintenance, you’ll find helpful answers to your questions. Can’t find an answer to your particular question? Feel free to connect with us and we’ll be happy to help!


Pool Care Instructions

Whether this is your first time owning a pool or you simply need a quick refresher, our pool care instructions can help. Pool ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, and while pool maintenance can be tricky, everyone can learn how to take care of their pools properly. Review our dos & don’ts of pool maintenance and learn everything you need to know about pool chemistry, finish protection, and more.


Product Registration

Register your purchased PebbleTec finish or outdoor element for additional peace of mind. Receive PTI Protection Plan or warranty information, additional maintenance tips, and more from our dedicated support team, and ensure your products last for years.


Technical Documents

Get into the nit and gritty with our collection of downloadable technical documents. Access all of the installation, maintenance, and warranty information for your fire and water bowls, fire pits, and scuppers. If things are getting a little too technical, make sure to check our FAQs section for quick answers to all of your Fire + Water questions!


Warranty Information

View warranty information for your PebbleTec pool finish and Fire + Water elements, find out how to contact your builder or applicator, or contact customer support for additional questions. No matter what assistance you need with your Pebble Technology product, we are determined to help you find the solution.