The most common maintenance issue is scaling (a white haze) on the pool finish surface due to poor water chemistry. The water chemistry in your swimming pool and/or spa must be maintained at certain levels to prevent scale build-up. Scale can also trap dirt and debris, further discoloring your finish. Scale removal is not covered by warranty. The most common method for removing scale is through chemical treatment. However, in some cases it may be necessary to drain your pool to remove the scale using chemicals and/or pressure washer. Most authorized applicators will offer this service. We recommend that testing and balancing of the pool water take place at a minimum of once a week. It is also recommended to have the water tested regularly at a retail pool supply store (in some stores, testing is computerized) even if the pool is being cared for by a pool service company.

Other concerns such as etching, discoloration, formation of algae, and staining can all be attributed to improper water chemistry. We cannot stress enough how vital the importance of maintaining proper water chemistry is to the longevity and continued beauty of your pool finish.