Can you envision your perfect pool but aren’t sure how to turn your vision into reality? Or perhaps you have no idea what you want your pool to look like and don’t know where to start? No matter your predicament, we have the tools to help. Our inspirational tools can help you choose your ideal water color, choose your perfect pool finish, or even find inspiration for outdoor elements like water features, landscaping, and more.


Water Color Tool

Pebble Technology International (PTI) offers four pebble pool finish textures and over fifty combined colors to choose from, so we understand that selecting the best finish for your pool can be a somewhat overwhelming task. Added to this already difficult decision is the fact that your PebbleTec pool finish will look slightly different once underwater. Luckily, our Water Color Selection Tool not only helps you pick the best pool finish for your dream pool, but also helps you see how that finish will look underwater and impact the color of the water.

The Water Color Selection Tool is easy to use and provides all of the information you need to make your decision. There are three steps to the process:


      1. Choose Your Water Color

        To start, simply choose which water color you would like to have in your pool. While this choice is based mostly on aesthetic preference, keep in mind that pools with darker finishes hold more heat than their lighter counterparts. This means that a darker pool will typically warm up earlier in the year and stay warm longer as compared to a lighter pool. However, it also means that a darker pool may feel much warmer on an especially hot summer day, while a lighter pool will likely feel more refreshing. Depending on where you live, a darker or lighter pool may have added benefits or detractions.

      2. Choose Your Finish Texture

        Next, you will be shown a selection of PebbleTec finishes that can achieve your selected water color choice. In addition to choosing based on appearance, consider the textures each finish provides. If you have younger children, a smoother finish may help to prevent some minor scrapes or scratches. If the pool will be as much for decoration as for swimming, a more captivating finish may be the choice.

      3. Your Recommended Finishes

        Finally, you will be shown which finishes achieve your selected water color with your chosen texture! You can see a rendering of what each finish looks like underwater and how it affects the water color. Likewise, you can even view images of real pools built with your recommended finishes for extra assurance.


If you aren’t sure if your recommendations match your dream pool, simply go back and change your choices until you’ve found your ideal PebbleTec finish. And don’t forget to customize your finish with our pool enhancements for an additional layer of personality and elegance!


Pool Finishes Inspiration Gallery

Why imagine your perfect pool when you can see it for yourself? Our gallery features a plethora of Pebble Technology pools with different sizes, shapes, designs, and environments. See if you find yourself drawn to pools with a darker finish or if you prefer the tropical look of a lighter option. Observe how other pool owners have decorated their pools with outdoor elements like water bowls, planters, and fire pits and imagine how you can transform your backyard in similar fashion. And view independent galleries of each our pool finishes so you can easily compare between colors of the same texture.

Your options are nearly endless when it comes to designing your dream pool. View our inspiration gallery and start turning your dream into reality.


World’s Greatest Pools Competition

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the World’s Greatest Pools gallery and view some of the most glamorous and awe-inspiring pools from around the world. Discover how you can enter your future pool in the contest and see past winners to discover what kinds of pools have taken home the prize.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that the greatest pools in the world all use the world’s greatest pool finish. View the World’s Greatest Pools gallery to see how a PebbleTec finish can look luxurious in any pool.


Mobile App

Inspiration doesn’t always strike at the most convenient time. Take our tools with you by downloading our Pool Finish Inspiration app. View our different pool finish textures and colors at four different water depths to see how your pool would look with each option.