Fall is the Best Time to Make Your Pebble Tec Pool Renovation Dream Come True

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Fall may be the time for apple cider and cooler weather, but that’s not all: it’s secretly the best time for pool renovations. Here’s why scheduling a pool renovation during the autumn months is the perfect time to turn your dream pool into a reality.


The Slow Season

Spring brings people rushing to have their pools renovated, which means pool renovation companies might not have time to work around your schedule. Meanwhile, renovating during the warmer moths means missing out on a portion of prime pool season.


In these crisp autumn months, your pool is likely not seeing the same level of activity that comes with the warmer months. Take advantage of this down time to schedule your pool renovation.

Depending on the size of your pool, as well as the depth of the renovation, it could take up to several weeks. There is less pressure to rush a renovation project when there are no upcoming holiday or pool parties in your future.


The Dream is Still Fresh

Another reason Fall is the best time for pool renovations is clear: pool season is still fresh in your mind. It feels as though all those hours spent by the pool happened yesterday. Summer memories are still in your mind, which means so are the times you looked at your pool and thought about what you wished was different.


Now is the time to take a moment and think about your dream pool. Go beyond picking out new tiles. Do you want a brighter water color? Discover all of the various shades Pebble Technology International® (PTI) can install. Or maybe you want a row of fire bowls to make your outdoor space warn and inviting? PTI has those as well, and can help you craft your dream pool, down to the last detail. Explore our photo gallery for inspiration when gathering ideas for your dream pool.


The Pebble Tec Advantage

A PTI warranty covers the high-quality materials used in your pool renovation. You can rest assure that your pool will be built to last and will look beautiful for many years.

When you begin renovation in the fall, you will be well on your way to enjoying your newly renovated pool without any delay by the time summer rolls around.

Now that you are ready to get started on your pool’s new look, simply choose “I am looking to remodel an existing pool” from the menu to find a Pebble Tec builder. Our builders are eager to walk you through the pool renovation process and help you craft your dream pool out of your already existing one.