New Pool Installations & Pool Renovations



“Beautiful color! Feels good, underfoot.”

— Heidi S.
Santa Barbara, CA
Finish: PebbleTec™ Midnight Blue


“Everyone loves it. Questions based on each observer’s admiration and amazement are a pleasure to answer. We always say, ‘PebbleTec,’ and often review our decision making process. Thanks.”

— Robert F.
Houston, TX
Finish: PebbleTec™ Blue Wave


“Very nice water color. 20 years of having a pool. The second one with a Pebbletec finish. Good Subs. Hard Workers.”

— Chas W.
SanTan Valley, AZ
Finish: PebbleSheen™ Blue Surf


“We’ve had a lot of compliments and friends looking to re-do theirs in Pebble Tec.”

— Nancy R.
Clearwater, FL
Finish: PebbleSheen™ Aqua Blue


“Everyone who sees it wants it!”

— Joseph G.
Venice, FL
Finish: PebbleSheen™ Blue Surf


“Love the color of the plaster and the water. It’s the most beautiful shade of blue.”

— James B.
Houston, TX
Finish: PebbleSheen™ Blue Surf


“I was amazed at how great my pool looked!”

— Susan M.
Parrish, FL
Finish: PebbleTec™ White Pearl


“I could not be happier! My pool could be in a catalog it looks so good!”

— Chris T.
Ocean, NJ
Finish: PebbleTec™ Blue Lagoon


“Brilliant and beautiful color. Great installation team.”

–Jose H.
Coral Gables, Florida
Finish: PebbleSheen™ Cool Blue


“This is a beautiful finish that really sparkles in sunlight and takes on a richer, deeper blue hue in the shade. It looks absolutely stunning at night with the pool light on and the waterfall running. The texture feels comfortable on the feet and seems easy to maintain.”

–Scott W.
Phoenix, Arizona
Finish: PebbleBrilliance™ Aqua Falls

“Its pretty awesome. Going to be a game changer… The texture is perfect. the colors are incredible.”

Mike M.
Houston, Texas
Finish: PebbleBrilliance™ Deep Cove

“I love our PebbleBrilliance finish, the combination of colors between the pebble and the glass makes the water sparkle.  I love how the finish feels, it is smooth to the touch and on the feet, I am extremely happy with the interior of our pool.”

Scott M.
Gilbert, Arizona
Finish: PebbleBrilliance™ Sparkling Water

“We recently renovated our pool and had the opportunity to install the new PebbleBrilliance pool finish. We were a little nervous that the Majestic Sound would produce a very deep, dark blue water color. To our surprise it came out turquoise and looks like a beautiful blue lagoon! The Shimmering Sea that sparkles in the sunlight is a nice touch too. We are thrilled with the color and smooth textured finish and look forward to enjoying our new pool for years to come.”

Tiffany and Rob K.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Finish: PebbleBrilliance™ Majestic Sound

“Exceeds our expectations. This is a beautiful finish.”

Dale and Jennifer R.
Acton, California
Finish: PebbleSheen® Custom Color

“Very impressed how quickly it went from a painted line on the grass to an actual hole-in-the-ground shaped like a pool…The finished pool is better than we imagined.”

–John D.
Spring, Texas
Finish: PebbleTec® Sandy Beach

“The perfect color that I was looking for.”

–Sandra V.
Houston, Texas
Finish: PebbleSheen® Aqua Blue

“Looks better than I imagined.”

–Kathy W.
The Woodlands, Texas
Finish: PebbleSheen® Blue Granite

“Love the look of the pool, great upgrade from our standard plaster finish.”

–Scott S.
Coppell, Texas
Finish: PebbleTec® White Pearl

“Absolutely gorgeous. The finish is exactly what we were looking for.”

–Thomas K.
Hollywood, FL
Finish: PebbleTec® Tahoe Blue with Shimmering Sea

“We chose Tahoe Blue for our finish because we would spend summers and winters at Lake Tahoe. The finish truly looks and reminds us of Lake Tahoe.”

–Louis W.
Tomball, Texas
Finish: PebbleTec® Tahoe Blue

“It is beautiful! The tiles, finish and decking look perfect together!”

–Megan O.
Gilbert, Arizona
Finish: PebbleSheen® Aqua Blue

“It looks so natural—exceeded my expectation.”

–Eric N.
Dallas, Texas
Finish: PebbleTec® Tahoe Blue

“The end product exceeded my expectations. At one time, I was going to fill in my pool. Boy am I glad I didn’t. Looking forward to summer and using it.”

–Lothar R.
Redding, California
Finish: PebbleTec® Tahoe Blue

“The pool finish looks AMAZING; we love it and couldn’t be happier. Very happy we chose Tropical Breeze and the Shimmering Sea really enhances the finish.”

–Bruce S.
Boca Raton, Florida
Finish: PebbleTec® Tropical Breeze with Shimmering Sea

“Very pleased with the color of the water, finish of the surface and pebbles. The shells and tiles add just the right touch.”

–Leah W.
Grapevine, Texas
Finish: PebbleSheen® Blue Granite

“The color is exactly what I envisioned.”

–Karen F.
Yorba Linda, California
Finish: PebbleFina® Sapphire Galaxy

“The pool turned out exactly as we had envisioned.”

–Michael S.
Maitland, Florida
Finish: PebbleTec® Sandy Beach

“The finish is beyond expectations. It looks great.”

–Amy F.
Phoenix, Arizona
PebbleSheen® Turtle Bay

“My pool sparkled like the Mediterranean Sea!”

–Janey J.
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Better than imagined”

–Chad H.
Edmond, OK
Finish: PebbleTec® Midnight Blue

“It’s an absolutely beautiful product. It turned out nicely.”

–Carri W.
Mequon, WI
Finish: PebbleSheen® Cool Blue with Luminous

“I wanted a pool with a true blue finish from top to bottom. Blue Surf was the perfect choice because it gives me a beautiful light blue tanning ledge with the graduation to royal blue at 6 ft.”

–Rachel G.
Prosper, TX
Finish: PebbleSheen® Blue Surf

“I just wanted to thank all of you for the second to none professionalism and customer service we received. Your response to our concerns, attention to detail, and knowledge of the products & process was fantastic. The way PebbleTec stands behind the product and the workmanship show how crucial it is to select a company that will respond and follow-up like you have all done. Even if the cost is higher, it is worth it! Your after-sale and remodel support has been outstanding.”

–Richard, K.
Temecula, CA