The Process

From sourcing the highest quality materials to the completion of your pool, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality material, installation and pebble pool finish available. Pebble Technology International® (PTI) pool finishes are only installed by authorized applicators who are trained and licensed by PTI.

The Application Process:pebble pool finish

Mixing the batch formula – Our unique blends are mixed with cement, water, pigment and proprietary additives to create the material that will be applied as your interior pool finish. PTI authorized applicators follow a specific recipe, combining each ingredient to produce a well-blended material ready for installation.

Pneumatic spray application – The mixed formula is then pumped through a hose and the material is pneumatically applied with a sprayer specifically designed to provide even coverage of the finish material.

Hand troweling – Immediately following the spray application, the installer hand-trowels the material to create a more compacted surface in preparation for exposure. Often times, the applicators wear special shoes with spikes to protect the finish.

Exposing the finish – After the product has been troweled, and depending on the finish, the pool is sprayed or wiped with water to expose the pebbles and/or glass beads and remove excess cement.

Detail of the finish – After a hardening period, the pebble pool finish will be pressure washed and detailed using a special acid solution to remove any excess residue or film. For certain finishes, the surface is also lightly buffed during the cleansing treatment to polish the stones. These treatments enhance the natural beauty of the finish.

Completion – Once your pebble pool finish installation process is complete, fill the pool with water, reference your pool care instructions, balance the chemicals and begin swimming!


PLEASE NOTE: The application process and sequence may vary slightly based on the type of finish you select, where you are located, certain weather conditions and the Authorized Applicator installing the finish.