The Original Pebble Pool Finish

Pebble Technology International has been the premiere manufacturer of the pebble pool finish since we invented it in 1969. In fact, our pebble pool finishes have become so well recognized that the name “PebbleTec” has become synonymous with this type of aggregate pool finish. While we’re flattered that our finishes are so popular, this has led some customers to mistakenly buy an imitation pebble finish instead of our own0. As the originator of the aggregate pool finish, Pebble Technology International (PTI) is the only true manufacturer of the PebbleTec pool finish.

Discover how we craft our PebbleTec pool finish to stand apart.


The Best Pool Finish

Unlike plaster or pool liners, PebbleTec finishes are resistant to natural discoloration and do not require chemicals to maintain color vibrancy. Instead, PebbleTec finishes maintain their color and texture well beyond the standard 5-year lifespan most plaster finishes offer. Additionally, our wide variety of pebble pool finishes allow for more customizability. Whether you’d like your pool to mimic a rocky brook or a sparkling tropical beach, our selection of four textures and over fifty colors allows you to build your dream pool.

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Exceptional Fire & Water Features

In addition to our collection of luxurious pebble pool finishes, we also offer a variety of pool water features, fire bowls, fire pits, planters, and more to make your outdoor space one-of-a-kind. From the calming sound of running water to the comforting warmth of a fire, our fire and water features allow you to customize your pool beyond the finish.

Explore our selection of outdoor elements and make your pool the perfect entertaining space for any season.


A Fantastic Customer Experience

From our expansive product protection plans to our range of customer education resources, we aim to make life as a Pebble Technology customer easy. Whether you are hoping to speak to our customer service team or find the answers yourself, our expertise can help you in any format.

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Pool Remodeling & Finishing Made Easy

Whether you are undergoing a pool remodel or building a pool for the first time, our collection of authorized builders and applicators will ensure your project goes smoothly. Take the stress out of finding a builder by using our find a builder tool, and ensure your pool is being finished with an authentic Pebble Technology product by authorized professionals.